Zizek in London this December (2015) for free (if you're a student)

Hegelian Battles - 3 Lectures by Slavoj Zizek

The battle for Hegel goes on – new interpretations are emerging which perhaps pose an even greater threat to Hegel’s legacy than the usual rejections of Hegel. This series of lectures will provide a cognitive mapping of this twisted terrain, with the aim to redeem Hegel for the radical thought.

  1. Against recognition: a critique of the liberal reading of Hegel (Pippin, Brandom) - 2nd December
  2. What is reconciliation? Hegel against Schiller - 3rd December
  3. Hegel in Athens: what would Hegel have said about our predicament? - 4th December

at The Birkbeck Institute for the Humanities

register here.


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