10 orgasms at the same time, I don’t want to go into it.

What is possible today? And what is impossible? It’s a very paradoxical situation. On the one hand, the level of sexuality, technology, almost everything is becoming possible…If things go on like this, in a couple of decades it will be possible for us to replace our organs to almost live forever, in sexual life with drugs, new experiences, 10 orgasms at the same time, I don’t want to go into it. So everything is possible there. So it’s possible maybe to live forever, whatever. But if you want to raise taxes for [the] one percent to finance schooling, no it’s not possible, it will cause a financial crisis and so on and so on. So you know, like, what if we just rearrange what is possible, what is impossible. Maybe we will not live forever and just reproduce ourselves through cloning, but maybe just we can do a little bit more for social [something].

But you know what I see—a brief comment, just very short and then you can stop me—? The problem of this last economic crisis, OK financial crisis, 2008: What the right wingers don’t admit is that, I’m sorry, but this was not some social Democrat spending too much money, this was a crisis of the lack of regulation…Once I wrote an ironic article…to the question “Who Is John Galt?” This is John Galt crisis! Alan Greenspan was an objectivist. So you see, we should stop this myth. For me the big result, what people should learn from 2008 financial crackdown is that neoliberalism, first, is a myth. First if you look all around the world, the role of the state is not diminishing, if anything it’s diminishing where it should be more.

- Slavoj Žižek on Tavis Smiley Show

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