Slavoj Žižek | Southbank Centre - October 31, 2016 - Disparities - Royal Festival Hall, London

Join prolific author Slavoj Žižek as he discusses his new book, Disparities, following on from his immensely popular appearances at Royal Festival Hall in 2010, 2012 and earlier this year as part of our Power of Power festival.

When ‘disparity’ appears in philosophy, it is usually in the everyday sense to describe ‘a great difference’. In his new book, Žižek elevates disparity into a fully-fledged philosophical concept, one which designates the basic incongruency of reality.

He examines this new philosophical concept through notions of truth, beauty and goodness, in a book that is written with disparity too; its skeletal structure is filled with forceful differentiations and rebuttals of critics.

Žižek was once characterised by his enemies as a deadly jester, and Disparities is precisely that – a book of deadly serious jests.

Take a seat with us as Žižek settles accounts with friends, enemies and everyone in between: Brandom, Pippin, Zupancic, Chiesa, Johnston, Malabou, Kristeva, not to mention Shakespeare, Schiller and Beckett.

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