Slavoj Žižek + Paul Holdengräber "Voyeurism and digital identity"

The Slovenian star philosopher Slavoj Žižek in the second of two conversations with the popular interviewer Paul Holdengräber, director of Public Programs at the New York Public Library.

Watch part 1: Slavoj Žižek + Paul Holdengräber "Surveillance and whistleblowers"

1:42 Blue Velvet and immature fantasies
7:45 Kafka – the great master
8:20 Wisdom is the most disgusting thing you can imagine
12:20 Job’s book
17:03 Woody Allen and Immortality
22:20 The meaning of the empty symbol
28:27 David Lynch’s use of excessive egos
36:49 Casablanca and Hollywood’s censorship
46:25 The staged identities on facebook
51:10 Our inner truth is a constructed lie
58:50 Virtual sex

Reading Žižek – Where to Start?

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